Account Subscription

All PagerDuty accounts are subscribed to a pricing plan. The pricing plan determines which features are available and affects your invoice amount. The Account Owner can review and manage these aspects of the account in the web app on the Your Subscription page:

  • Navigate to User Icon Your Subscription.

Subscription Details

This section outlines the plan you’re currently subscribed to, the number of paid users and the number of stakeholders users. You may select a different plan using the Upgrade Plan button.

Add More Users

The Add More Users button directs to the Users page, where you can manage users in your account and invite new people to PagerDuty.

Include Your Stakeholders

The Add Stakeholders button directs to the Users page, where you can invite stakeholders to your PagerDuty account. Stakeholder users are intended for people who will not be taking direct action on incidents, but nonetheless need to stay informed about what’s going on in your PagerDuty account.

Read more about Stakeholders’ capabilities in our Advanced Permissions article.


Add-ons can add functionality to your PagerDuty experience with apps hosted outside of the core PagerDuty product, but are still accessible within the PagerDuty web UI. Any active Add-Ons are displayed in this section.

Get started with Add-Ons by navigating to Integrations Extensions Add-Ons. Our Knowledge Base also offers more information about Add-Ons.

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