Import Users from Active Directory via API

This article will provide you with a Windows PowerShell script that exports users from a specified group within Active Directory and imports them into your PagerDuty account.


  • Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • Active Directory Management Services installed
  • The ability to run unsigned scripts

Information Required

  • AD Group Name: Within Active Directory you will need to have a security group setup that you want to export.
  • Subdomain: Your PagerDuty subdomain (i.e. <subdomain>
  • API key: See Generating an API Key.
  • Requester ID: Your requester ID is the 7-character alphanumeric string associated with your user account. This can be obtained by logging into your account, clicking on My Profile and taking the last seven characters of the URL.

Running the Script

Get the script here: Import Users from Active Directory to PagerDuty.ps1

To run the script, save it as a .ps1 file, then right-click on the file and select Run with PowerShell.

Import Users from Active Directory via API