Filling out the Success Plan


The Success Plan will guide you through the PagerDuty onboarding experience from planning to launch. We've identified key milestones in each phase to make sure you're set up for success. Be sure to reference the links and set clear dates to keep you on track along the way!

*To download a copy and fill it out on your own, click here.


The Planning Phase

Define Goals Defining Goals and Success Metrics MM/DD/YYYY
Establish User Roles User Roles in Your Account MM/DD/YYYY 
Outline Desired Workflow Sample Workflows  MM/DD/YYYY


The Configuration Phase

Onboard managers Training Resources for Admins MM/DD/YYYY
Create naming standards Use Namespacing MM/DD/YYYY
Add/import users 

Adding and Inviting Users

Adding multiple users at once

Create schedules, escalation policies, services, integrations

Create an On-Call Schedule

Create an Escalation Policy

Configure Services and Integrations

 Test configuration   Troubleshooting help? Contact  MM/DD/YYYY


The Launch Phase

Publish internal wiki pages Sample Wiki Pages  MM/DD/YYYY
Onboard Responders  Training Resources for Responders   MM/DD/YYYY
 Official Launch  Congrats! You're almost there.  MM/DD/YYYY


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