Inverse schedules on an escalation policy


If you have 2 or more users that rotate primary and secondary on-call shifts, then you will want to create two on-call schedules and add each of those schedules to a separate level of an escalation policy.

Schedule example articles:

Schedule Requirements

This schedule has 2 users on call. When User is the first point of escalation, User 2 is the backup, receiving all incidents that User 1 does not respond to. When User 2 is the first point of escalation, User 1 is the backup, receiving all incidents that User 2 does not respond to.


You will need to create 2 on call schedules. One for the escalation policy level 1, and the another for escalation policy level 2.

Schedule 1:


Schedule 2: 


Tip: You can use the Copy Schedule button to duplicate your schedule more quickly, then move users to be in the order you want them in. This option is under the gear icon, or on the right side of your schedule's details.


Escalation Policy

Go to ConfigurationEscalation Policies and either create a New Escalation Policy, or edit an existing one. Add Schedule 1 to Level 1 of the escalation policy. Then add Schedule 2 to Level 2 of the escalation policy.


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