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A list of new features and enhancements.

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Date Feature/Release Summary More info
1/18/2017 Stakeholder Engagement 

The new Stakeholder user license makes it easy for stakeholders across the business to stay engaged during major IT incidents. With self-service incident subscription and notifications, you can ensure your cross-functional teams are equipped with the right information in real-time to improve organization-wide response.

Find out more information on how to add stakeholders as subscribers
11/17/2016 Infrastructure Health Application 

With the Infrastructure Health Application, you can now view all of your events and alerts, across your entire infrastructure, in a single pane of glass. This holistic view empowers you to understand the complexities of your infrastructure, and ultimately improve Incident Management within your organization.

Get a bird's eye view of your alerts and incidents with the Infrastructure Health Application.
11/17/2016 Operations Command Console 

The Operations Command Console provides complete operational awareness of the critical elements of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to gain enhanced insights that accelerate Incident Response.

Start exploring the Operations Command Console.
11/17/2016 Suppression and Event Rules  Suppression allows you to send data to PagerDuty without being immediately notified about it. Suppressed alerts are stored in PagerDuty and available for forensics, analysis, and context, but do not create incidents, notify, assign, or escalate. Learn more about Suppression  and Event Rules and how to configure them.
9/13/2016 Extensions

Extensions allow you to easily manage/create, extensions, add-ons, and conference bridges, across all of your services. 

Learn how to manage/create Extensions on your services. 
9/13/2016 Live Call Routing

With Live Call Routing, you can have people call a number and be redirected to an on-call engineer, and if the caller leaves a voicemail it will trigger a PagerDuty incident. Or, you can have a people call a number to immediately trigger a PagerDuty incident. 

Learn how to set up Live Call Routing
07/11/2016 Response Bridge

Now you can include conference bridge information within incidents, enabling your team to collaborate and resolve incidents more quickly.

Learn how to add Response Bridge to a service or incident.
07/11/2016 Response Mobilizer

Request help from your team to resolve critical business-impacting incidents, right from within the PagerDuty incident.

Learn how to add responders to an incident you're working on.
05/11/2016 Service Groups

You can now group multiple integrations under a single service so that your PagerDuty services represent your IT systems and components.

Start grouping your integrations together by moving existing integrations under one service.
02/22/2016 Team Responder

With PagerDuty’s new Team Responder user role, you can stop worrying about users accidentally acknowledging or resolving incidents they aren’t involved in.

 Learn how to set up and use Team Responders here.
10/09/2015 Mobile app update

Effective 10/09/2015, we have deprecated support for older versions of the PagerDuty mobile apps, as well as older Android and iOS operating systems. This was done in order to improve security as well as to take advantage of additional capabilities in newer OS versions.

If your device is unable to run a current Android or iOS operating system, you may still access a subset of functionality at m.pagerduty.com, and of course you can still receive and reply to notifications via SMS or phone.



Minimum PagerDuty app version is PagerDuty v2.3 for both iOS and Android. Minimum iOS version is iOS 8, and minimum Android version is Android 4.0.

You can find the most up-to-date versions of our app on the Google Play store (Android) or iOS App Store (Apple).

You may be able to access limited functionality with older app or OS versions, but we cannot guarantee or provide support for your device unless it meets the minimum requirements listed above. In particular, push notifications to Apple devices running iOS 7 or earlier will not function.

09/10/2015 Urgencies

Be able to specify which incidents are urgent and non-urgent and establish different notification rules based on urgency of an incident. Standard and Enterprise customers can also establish at what times of the day an incident should be deemed urgent.

08/17/2015 Mobile app update

- Improved incidents list UI
- Incident details are now front-and-center when viewing an incident.
- Gestures: Swipe left to acknowledge (or snooze), right to resolve.
- New custom sound, submitted by PagerDuty's youngest fan.
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

06/03/2015 Mobile app update

Can add/edit contact methods and notification rules through the mobile app

06/02/2015 Snooze

Extend the time period for your incident acknowledgements

05/17/2015 Advanced Analytics CSV export

Export your data from Advanced Analytics

05/13/2015 Rich incidents

Help incident responders get real-time data at the most critical moment in the incident lifecycle

05/04/2015 Mobile app update

New custom sounds!

04/22/2015 Teams

Improve organization of the UI by filtering views by Teams.

04/09/2015 Services update

You can now add up to 10 webhooks to a single service.

04/06/2015 Mobile app update

Rich text in incident details

03/16/2015 Grouped Navigation

UI change: tabs have been grouped under the new 'Configuration' tab.

03/07/2015 Mobile app update

Brought back volume overrides in Android

02/04/2015 Mobile app update

Support for actionable notifications! Acknowledge PagerDuty incidents directly from notification drawer/push notifications.

12/17/2014 Mobile app update

- Fully native app! Faster and more responsive than ever.
- Immediate access to Acknowledge, Resolve, and Trigger details from your incident list.
- Filter your incidents list by what’s relevant to you.
- Improved incident detail page: if your client has a URL, you’ll see it here.
- “Override System Volume” is deprecated for Android L. You can enable priority notifications for PagerDuty in Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications > PagerDuty.

12/16/2014 Resolve incidents via email

Use parsing rules to automatically resolve incidents via email. See all other related articles here.

12/15/2014 Test contact methods

You can now send test notifications to each of your contact methods.

11/13/2014 Incident page UI improvement

The incident page (what you see after clicking an incident number), now includes details of the incident above the log, and also now has the incident description up at the top of the page.

11/06/2014 Mobile app update: iOS improvements

Yosemite Handoff: If you’re on iOS 8.1 and Yosemite, you can pick up on your Mac (Safari) where you left off on your device. Try it with an Incident Detail page!

Today View: Check your on-call responsibilities at a glance.

1Password integration

10/04/2014 Mobile app update

Incident trigger, on-call now, and escalation policies are now native views.

09/09/2014 Status Updates Receive status updates (or incident state change notifications) on incidents you are assigned to.  
09/08/2014 Advanced Analytics Gain more insight into your team's performance with our advanced reporting (available on Enterprise). Announcement
09/02/2014 Mobile app overrides Create overrides directly within the mobile app.  
07/07/2014 On-call handoff notifications improvements Get notified when you're going on-call or off-call up to 48 hours ahead of time. Configurable on your profile page. Announcement
06/10/2014 Launch of our Statuspage Refer to our Statuspage for information on operational issues.  
06/02/2014 Custom alert sounds on iOS and Android Custom alert sounds have been added on our iOS and Android apps. Announcement
04/24/2014 Single sign-on (SSO) Our enterprise customers can use leading Single Sign-on providers like Okta, OneLogin and Ping Identity. Announcement
04/08/2014 Multi-user alerting Want to alert more than one person at once? We do that. Announcement
02/28/2014 Add more services We’ve updated our add services page to make it easier to find the tool that you want to integrate with.  
01/31/2014 Usability improvements Booking an override? Click on the calendar directly.
Email alerts now have more detail.
01/22/2014 Minor mobile release On-Call Page Improvements: Easily see current on-call users and who's on-call for all escalation policies.
User Page improvements: See any user's next and current on-call status, and the escalation policies he belongs to.
01/15/2014 On-call handoff notifications Get notified when you go on or off call. Announcement
01/06/2014 Mobile updates Pull to refresh and more mobile app updates. Announcement
11/04/2013 Clickable SSH links SSH links are now clickable.  
11/01/2013 Limited Users New user role cannot create/edit/delete services, escalation policies, and schedules. Announcement
10/30/2013 Service descriptions Add descriptions to your services and pull this data from the API.  
10/29/2013 PagerDuty Mobile App Manage incidents on the go with our mobile app. Announcement
10/18/2013 Calling extensions Now you can direct a phone call alert to your work extension. Announcement
09/26/2013 Clickable links URLs in incidents in the web app are clickable.  
08/29/2013 Web UI updates Touched up our web UI. Announcement
08/14/2013 Webhooks Connect your PagerDuty service with a webhook to send HTTP callbacks to your service. Announcement
08/01/2013 Incident reassigning Reassign incidents to another user.  
5/3/2013 SMS Via Short Code Receive your SMS alerts from one of PagerDuty's short code numbers


See this article for a list of short codes

3/28/2013 Android Mobile App V1 PagerDuty's first Android Mobile app released. 


Learn more about the mobile app here.

2/20/2013 iOS Mobile App v1 PagerDuty's first iOS mobile app released


Learn more about the moible app here

9/26/2012 PagerDuty REST API PagerDuty's REST API released Learn about the API here
2/6/2012 Mobile Site m.pagerduty.com released for mobile users Announcement
1/4/2012 Schedules v2 PagerDuty's new scheduling tool is released. 


Learn more about using schedules here.

11/29/2011 Incident de-duping Incidents are linked and de-duped via use of an incident key   
10/25/2011 Export to iCal/WebCal feed PagerDuty schedules can be exported via iCal file or WebCal feed for use in external calendar applications


More information here.

8/3/2010 Integration API PagerDuty's API for interacting with incidents released.


Learn more about the integration API here.

3/10/2010 Incident Auto-Resolution The option to automatically resolve incidents after a certain number of hours is now available as a service configuration option. Announcement
3/10/2010 Multi-incident capability PagerDuty's ability to handle multiple incidents for a service released Announcement
11/23/2009 Basic Report Basic Reporting released in PagerDuty


Learn more about reporting here.

9/9/2009 Services & Escalation Policies Services and Escalation Policies released (originally called Alarm Groups)


Learn more about Services here, and Escalation policies here


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