Responding to SMS and Phone Notifications


Responding to an Email Notification

At this time it is not possible to acknowledge or resolve an incident via email. To take action for the open incident you must use the PagerDuty site or mobile app, or respond via an SMS notification or phone call you receive as described below.

Responding to an SMS Notification

To reply to an SMS notification you will reply with the unique code that is provided. Here is an example:

Responding to a Phone Notification

Please respond to a phone notification by pressing:

  1. Acknowledge

  2. Resolve

  3. Escalate - if there is another level in your escalation policy

Responding from the Mobile Site or the App

See Acknowledge, Resolve, and Reassign Incidents From the App and mobile site.

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  • Avatar

    If the alert is being cleared by the system just afterwards (which can happen when a system recovers without intervention) - do I also get a phone notification?

  • Avatar
    Alexis Chu

    PagerDuty sends alerts based on triggered incidents. If an incident has been resolved--either automatically through the API or manually by a user--notifications and alerts will not be sent. You can email to submit a feature request to receive alerts upon incident resolution.

  • Avatar
    Jo -mangee- Booth

    My replies don't seem to be going anywhere - is the 990 shortcode I get them from meant to work internationally (e.g. in New Zealand) or is there another number I can reply to?

  • Avatar
    Alexis Chu

    Hi Jo,

    Could you please contact so that we can troubleshoot this for you?