Email size limits, truncation, and attachments


Truncation of emails in PagerDuty

If an email that triggered an incident is not displayed in its entirety in PagerDuty it may have been truncated due to its size.

If the email (including headers, attachments, etc.) is under 96 KB the message can pass through without truncation. If the message is over 96 KB the following can happen:

  1. Any parts of the email body where the Content-Type are not matched by this regular expression will be discarded:


    This means PDF files and similar attachments will be stripped.

  2. Text parts (Content-Type of text/plain or text/html) will be truncated to 32 KB.

  3. If the resulting total email size (including headers, attachments, etc.) still exceeds 192 KB then we will reject the message.

You can tell if a message has been truncated or had attachments removed by checking for the headers X-PagerDuty-Truncated-Part or X-PagerDuty-Removed-Attachments when viewing the raw message. You can view the raw message on the incident's individual page by clicking View Message on an incident log entry, then View Raw Message.

Email size limits

If an email is over 10 MB it will be rejected by our mail server.

Truncation of incident keys

If the incident key of the email that triggered an incident is more than 255 characters it will be truncated to 255 characters.

Truncation of incident details in PagerDuty email notifications

When you receive a PagerDuty email notification, the "Details" section of each incident will be truncated to 500 characters. Nonetheless, the rest of the email body can be accessed in the PagerDuty web UI via the incident logs and details, or via the mobile app.

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