Complex Split Shift Rotation


This example shows you how to create a 4-person rotation with time restricted where each shift is split by two users.

Schedule Requirements

These users are on-call between 00:00-10:00 with a shift length of 5 hours. After 5 hours, the next user comes on-call to cover the schedule until 10:00am. 


  1. Add four users to the schedule in Step 1.

  2. Click the Restrict on-call shifts to specific times option and restrict the schedule so that it is only active from 0:00-10:00. 


  3. Create a custom rotation type with a shift length of 12 hours. To ensure that a different user is on-call for each half of the day, set the handoff time to be halfway between the shift (5:00). Complex4user_img1.png

Final Schedule


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