Create an Override on a Schedule


Sometimes you might need to make a temporary change to your schedule.

For example:

  • a user is going on vacation

  • a user is going to be temporarily unavailable for a few hours (or minutes) during their shift

  • a user wants to swap a shift with another user 

  • a user is sick and needs to be replaced

To make a temporary change to a schedule, you will want to create an override.

If the user is leaving for an extended period and is on-call for multiple schedules, you can also use this script to create overrides via the REST API.

Because overrides are created one at a time, it is advised to not create overrides for permanent or longterm schedule changes (for example, User A will be taking over User B's shifts from now until the end of the year). For this, you will want to add or remove users from the schedule.

Example of swapping users

In the case that you do need to swap users, you'll want to:

  1. Create an override that reflects the new person and time of the shift that needs to be replaced (Person A replaces Person B).

  2. Create a corresponding override that reflects the person and time of the other shift that needs to be changed (Person B replaces Person A).

In the following example, Chuck and Grace want to swap the weeks that they are on-call.

Click on Grace's shift and create an override with Chuck being the new person on-call for this shift.

Do the same with Chuck's shift (create an override for Chuck by replacing his shift with Grace's). The result is reflected in the Final Schedule layer.

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