Complex Schedule for 2 Users on a 2-Day Rotation and a Separate Weekend Schedule


The example below shows a complex schedule for two users that are on a two-day rotation. They are on call in the evenings from 1700 till 0800 in the morning. However, on Saturday and Sunday, the on call user is on call for 24 hours from 0800 - 0800 the next day.


  • X is on-call Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm to 8am

  • Y is on-call Thursday and Friday from 5pm to 8am

  • X is on-call Friday at 5pm to Saturday at 8am, and Saturday at 8am to Sunday at 8am

  • Y then is on-call Sunday at 8am to Monday 8am, and Monday 5pm to Tuesday 8am

To set this schedule up, create four different weekly rotations. Each rotation is in its own layer with restrictions that determine when the rotation applies.

Note: The start date and time for each layer must match the start date and time of the specific layer - otherwise it will not work.

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