User Profiles


The user profile is where you are able to configure a variety of different things, including: individual user settings, contact information, notification rules and on-call handoff notifications, and profile settings.

To access your user profile, select your profile icon from the top right corner of your screen and select My Profile from the dropdown.


Contact Information

The Contact Information tab is where users can update phone numbers, SMS numbers and email addresses where they would like to be contacted when an incident is assigned to them.

Users can also view which devices are registered to their user profile to receive push notifications. Refer to this article to learn more about adding a mobile device to receive push notifications.

Users can edit their Name, Title, Bio, and set the Time Zone that schedules, incident logs, and on call times are shown in for their specific user profile.

Add a Contact Method

  1. Click Add Phone Number, Add SMS Number, or Add Email Address. You're able to include up to 10 different contact methods.

  2. Enter contact information into the field. You have the option to configure a phone number with an extension if needed.

  3. Click Save.

Contact Information

View Recent User Activity

Underneath a user's contact information, you can view their activity for the past 14 days. This includes information about incidents that the user acknowledged, resolved, or manually triggered through the web application.

Recent Activity

Notification Rules

The Notification Rules tab is where users can configure where and when they will be notified when a triggered incident is assigned to them. You have the option to create unique notification rules for both high-urgency incidents as well as low-urgency incidents.

Configure Notification Rules

  1. Select Add Notification Rule.

  2. Enter the number of minutes you would like to pass between the moment an incident is assigned to you and when PagerDuty sends the notification. This defaults to 0 minutes, which will notify you immediately.

  3. Select the contact method that you would like to be notified on. You can use the same contact method with multiple notification rules.

  4. Click Save.

You can read more about best practice tips for configuring notification rules in the Knowledge Base.

Status Update Rules

Users can configure status update rules to receive notifications every time that a high-urgency incident that is assigned to them changes status (i.e. acknowledged, resolved or escalated).

  1. Under the sections titled When any of my high-urgency incidents change... and When any of my low-urgency incidents change...

  2. Select whether you would like to be notified when an incident is acknowledged, resolved, or escalated, then select the contact method by which you would like to be notified.

  3. Click Save.

If a notification has not been sent to a particular contact method for an incident yet at the time that a status update rule should be triggered, a status update notification will not be sent out. If you don't receive a status update, check that the ack, resolve, or escalate happened after you received your initial alert notification to that contact method.

On-Call Handoff Notifications

On-Call Hand Off Notifications will notify you up to 48 hours before you go on-call, off-call, or both. These notifications can only be sent as an SMS, push notification, or email.

  1. Under the section titled Before I go on-call or off-call... click Add On-Call Handoff Notification Rule

  2. Enter the following information:

    • The number of hours prior, that you would like to be notified.
    • Whether you want to be notified before going on-call, off-call, or both.
    • The contact method where you want to receive the notification.
  3. Click Save.

Notification Rules

User Settings

  • Login Email - This is the email that you use specifically to login to PagerDuty. This may be different from what you have configured in your notification rules. You can edit this by clicking the edit button to the left.

  • Password - You can change your password by clicking Change password…

    Note: If you are an Account Owner or Admin, you can change another user's password here.

  • Role - This is the user role associated with your user profile. You can read more about user roles. Only the account owner or an admin on the account can update this.

  • Schedule Color - Each user has a color associated with their profile which is used in the on-call schedule to quickly recognize the user. You can change this by clicking the edit button to the left.

  • Calendar - This is for syncing your on-call schedules to calendar applications like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc. We have instructions on exporting your on-call schedules to your calendar application.

  • Photo - PagerDuty uses Gravatar to manage profile photos.

User Settings

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