Configuring on-call handoff notifications


On-Call Handoff Notifications will notify you up to 48 hours before your on-call shift starts, ends, or both. Follow the below instructions to get them setup for your user account.

To configure on-call handoff notifications:

  1. Login to your PagerDuty account.

  2. Click on your user icon in the top right corner of the screen and select My Profile.

  3. Under Before I go on-call or off-call..., click Add On-Call Handoff Notification Rule.

  4. Select the number of hours prior to when you would like to be notified (0 hours = "immediately"); whether you would like to be notified before you go on-call, before you go off-call, or both; and the contact method at which you would like to be notified (email, push notification, or SMS).

  5. Click Save for each rule that you add.

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  • Avatar
    Ed Rooth

    Please allow more time settings for the notification instead of just "immediately".

  • Avatar
    Ryan Hoskin

    Hi Ed, 

    That's coming soon, so stay tuned!

  • Avatar
    James Cutts

    Any way to have different notification settings for different on call schedules?
    I want to keep notifications for our main on-call schedule but don't want on-call notifications for a different schedule.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Curry

    Hi James,

    This isn't possible right now, but I certainly see why it would be useful. We'll be responding to your support ticket and submitting a feature request for this shortly. :)

    An alternative you could try out in the meantime would be to export the schedule(s) you want notifications for via WebCal or iCal, then disable the global hand-off notifications in PagerDuty and use notifications from your calendar app to know when you're on-call for this schedule. You can find information on exporting your schedule here:

    I hope this helps!