Why can't I add a user?


There are 3 reasons why you may not be able to add a user to your account:

  1. You do not have the permission to add a user based on your user role.
  2. There are User Limits set on your account.
  3. You are trying to add a user that already exists in the account.

Permission Restriction

Only the following user roles have permission to add more users on an account:

  • Account Owner
  • Admin

'User', 'Limited User' and 'Team Responder' roles cannot add users and do not have access to the Add Users button on the Users page.

For more information on User Roles and permissions, you can refer to this article.

User Limits

If you are an Account Owner or Admin and you receive an error trying to add 1 or more users, you may see something similar to the message in the screenshot below (i.e. 0 Users Created. 1 User NOT Created: [Name_of_User]):

This error is the result of having a User Limit or Stakeholder Limit on your account OR the result of attempting to add an already existing user.

User Limits are established in the Account Settings page and can only be increased by the Account Owner

For example, if your User Limit is set to "20" and there are already 20 users on your account, then neither the Account Owner nor an Admin would be able to add additional users until the User Limit is increased.

To change or remove the User Limit:

  1. The Account Owner must log in, navigate to Configuration, and click on Account Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Account Limits section.
  3. Change the user limit number and click the green Save changes button.
  4. OR click on the 'X' to completely remove User Limits on the account. Removing user limits means that an unlimited number of users can be created on your account.

If you cannot see the Account Limits section on your account settings page, your account may have a user limit built into its pricing plan. If you're logged in as the account owner and don't see this, please contact sales@pagerduty.com or call +1 (844) 800-DUTY.

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  • Avatar
    Mike Deck

    I'm the account owner and I don't see the option to remove account limits under setting. Has the feature been removed? Does this page need updating?

  • Avatar
    Kat Gaines

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for pointing that out. For some accounts, user limits may be built into the pricing plan. I just sent you an email from support@pagerduty.com to discuss this further, and will update this article to include that information.