Adding a Mobile Device for Push Notifications



Adding a Mobile Device

After installing the PagerDuty app on your mobile device and logging in, your device should appear as a Push Contact Method in your user profile. You can be logged into multiple accounts on your mobile app at the same time, and you will receive notifications for all accounts.

If Your Device Does Not Appear

  1. Log out of the app.

  2. Force close the app.

  3. Uninstall the app from your phone.

  4. Reinstall the app.

  5. If you are on a Wi-Fi network, switch to a cellular data network (some Wi-Fi networks have firewalls that might block requests from successfully registering your device).

  6. Log in to your account from the mobile app when prompted (on a cellular data network).

  7. In the PagerDuty website, your mobile device should appear as a contact method momentarily.

  8. If it still does not appear as a push contact method, then, from the mobile app's menu, log out of the app and log back in.

If you are using an iOS device and the steps above do not work, please also make sure that PagerDuty is listed in your notifications center (under Settings) to allow notifications from PagerDuty.

Please note that your user profile can have a maximum 10 contact methods. If you see an error when logging in to your account via the mobile app, then check to make sure that you have fewer than 10 contact methods on your profile.

If you have trouble receiving push notifications please refer to our General Push Notification Troubleshooting Guide.


Why is my Mobile Device listed as "Blocked" in my Profile?

There are a few different reasons why your Mobile Device would be listed as Blocked in your profile:

  • You changed devices and your old device is still registered on your profile. In this case, "Blocked" means no longer in use.

  • You removed the mobile app without removing the contact method in your profile.

  • The app may not be configured to receive messages (i.e. when requested, the ability to send notifications to your device was denied).

  • Your mobile carrier or wireless network has routinely prevented push notifications from being delivered to your device.

If you hover over the Blocked message you will see the text "This device has been blocked. To re-enable it, please remove this contact method and restart your mobile app."

To re-enable the push contact method:

  1. Delete the contact method in your profile by clicking the X next to the contact method in your profile.

    Note: This will also remove your push notification rule(s) for this device.

  2. Log out and back in to the mobile app.

  3. When requested, tap Allow or OK to allow the app to send push notifications to your device.

Revoking Access to a Mobile Device

  1. Click on your profile icon, in the upper right hand corner of the web UI then select My Profile.
  2. Go to the User Settings tab.
  3. Click Revoke next to the mobile device that you would like to revoke from your account.

  4. If you would like to re-add the mobile device at any time, simply log back into your PagerDuty account from the PagerDuty mobile app.
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  • Avatar
    Alexis Chu

    Hi Marc,

    Sorry to hear that you are running into issues, and thank you for the feedback. We'll bring this up with our product team to see what we can do to address any issues related to registering your mobile device as a contact method.

  • Avatar
    Marc Tamsky

    After several tries yesterday, and waiting overnight to try again , I was finally able to register my device today. Thank you for escalating this issue.