Setting up Restrictions for On-Call Shifts


PagerDuty's calendar will automatically distribute on-call shifts evenly between layer members based on the rotation type and the selected starting point. Adding restrictions to a layer creates limitations on the times or days to which the schedule applies. By default, during a shift each person is on on-call duty continuously (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). However, you can restrict the on-call duty by adding restrictions to your on call schedule.

To add restrictions to a schedule:

  1. Go to the Configuration menu and select Schedules.

  2. Click on the schedule to edit, then click Edit this Schedule.

  3. Select the Restrict on-call shifts at specific times checkbox to limit on-call duty to specific hours in the day.

  4.  Select Restrict on-call duty to specific times-of-the-day or Restrict on-call duty to specific times-of-the-week.

  5. Set the from and to time and, if necessary, the day of the week, to restrict the on-call schedule to only apply during that time.

In the example below, we restricted the on-call user to be on call from 19:00-07:00 every weekday.

Note: Restricting on-call duty to specific dates and times creates gaps in schedule coverage. These gaps can remain unfilled, as with after-hours schedules. The gaps can also be filled with other layers, as in follow-the-sun or weekend/weekday schedules. Once the restrictions are set, the final schedule will show that the user is only on call from 19:00-07:00 every weekday. No one is on call from 07:00-19:00 or at any time during the weekend unless a second layer is created.

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