Weekday - Weekend Schedule


A weekend/weekday schedule is any schedule which requires one rotation for the working week and another for the weekend. In this case, we use two layers to capture the different groups of people and rotation types.

To get started, navigate to ConfigurationSchedules and click New On-Call Schedule. Give your schedule a name.

Layer 1: Weekday

The first layer is the weekday layer. Each member of this layer is on-call from 0:00 Monday morning to 0:00 Saturday morning in a weekly rotation. The easiest way to schedule this is to create a basic weekly rotation where the handoff time is 0:00 with a weekly rotation.

Layer 2: Weekend

  1. To create the weekend schedule, click Add Another Layer below the previous one. The second layer will become the weekend layer.

  2. Add the layer members and set the rotation type as daily with a handoff time of 0:00 so users start at midnight.

  3. Because this layer is only on Saturday and Sunday, you will need to click the check box to Restrict on-call shifts to specific times. Restrict on-call shift to times-of-the-week from Saturday at 00:00 - Monday at 00:00 to create the weekend rotation. 

Since the bottom layer will always take precedence over the top layer, the Final schedule shows that User 1 and 2 take turns being on call Monday-Friday on a weekly basis. User 3 will go on call Saturday at 00:00. User 4 will go on call Sunday at 00:00. 

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    Graham Lea

    How does this work if you need to override a user from Layer 1? For example User 1 goes on vacation for a week. Does the override also override the Layer 2 / weekend schedule?

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    Jonathan Curry

    Hi Graham,

    Overrides will override every layer in a schedule. This is because the lowest layer in a schedule always takes precedence over the upper layers, so when you have overrides you'll see they actually get their own special layer at the bottom of the schedule UI.

    It's also important to keep in mind that overrides do not repeat. This means creating an override for somebody who is normally on-call from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, will require 5 separate overrides to be created, and those 5 overrides will have no impact on the 9 to 5 shift of somebody working Saturday & Sunday.

    I recommend checking out our guide to creating and deleting overrides for more information on this feature, as well as an easy way to schedule multiple overrides for people who are going on vacation:


    I hope this helps!

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    Graham Lea

    Thanks Jonathan... That is how I understood it working.

    I've seen elsewhere on this site mention of a feature request for a 'vacation mode' in the web UI. Is this still on the back log or is the intent to use the API method referenced in the article you linked to?

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Curry

    We don't have a vacation mode in the UI just yet, so for now you'll still need to use the script referenced in our overrides article to automate the creation of overrides. We'll be sure to reach out when there's an easier method to set vacations in the UI 😀