Setting up Rotation Types


Rotation Types determine how frequently the shifts on a layer rotate to the next responder. Rotation types can be set as daily, weekly, or custom.

To set up the rotation type for your on-call schedule:

  1. Go to Configuration > Schedules.

  2. Click New On-Call Schedule to create a new schedule, or edit an existing on-call schedule.

  3. In Layer 1, go to Step 2 (Set up an on-call rotation) and select a Rotation Type.

  4.  If the rotation type is Custom, enter the Shift Length and select hours, days, or weeks.

Refer to the Final Schedule section at the bottom of the page for a preview of what the schedule will look like after saving.

By default, a responder will be on-call for the entire length of time determined by the Rotation Type. If you'd only like them to be on-call for for specific times during the day or week (i.e. after hours), please see the article on Setting Up Restrictions.

To set up when the rotation switches to the next responder, please refer to the article on Handoff Time.

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