Schedule overrides in the mobile app


Creating and scheduling overrides can be done directly in the mobile app, allowing users to easily schedule replacements for their on-call shifts while they are on-the-go.

You can create overrides for yourself (replace another user's shift), or for others (replace one user's shift with another user).

Note: Although version 2.3 is the minimum supported version of the PagerDuty mobile app, scheduling overrides requires version 2.6 or newer. In this article we outline how to create an override with the most current app version.

To create an override in the mobile app:

  1. Select Users from the app's menu

  2. Select the user for which you would like to create an override. For example (in the screenshot below), if we need to override Daffy Duck's on-call shift, then we will select Daffy's name from the user list.

  3. When you select the user's name you will see all of their contact methods and all of their current or upcoming on-call schedules.

  4. Select the schedule that requires an override for the user. When you do this, you will be taken to the Override Schedule view. This view will display the following:

    • Taking On-Call: The person who will be taking over this user's on-call shift (this will default to yourself, the current user logged in to the app).

      Change this to the appropriate on-call person.

    • Duration: The duration of the user's current or next shift.

      Change this if the duration of the override should be longer or shorter than the scheduled shift.

    • Start Date: The start date of the user's current or next shift.

      Change this if the start date/time is different from the user's current or next scheduled shift. For example, you can change this to a future date if you want to override a future shift for which this user will be on-call.

    • End Date: The end date of the user's current or next shift.

      Change this if the end date/time is different from the user's current or next scheduled shift.

  5. Tap Save when you have selected the appropriate on-call user and verified the duration and start/end times

  6. The app will display the override information for you to verify. Tap Override to confirm the override or Cancel if additional changes need to be made.

  7. Any created overrides can be viewed within the web app on the schedule in question as well as in the mobile app.


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