Change Account Subdomain


If you would like to change your account's subdomain, please be mindful of the following:

  1. Integration email addresses for your PagerDuty services will change.

  2. REST API v1 endpoints will change, so any integrations, apps or scripts using v1 will need to be updated with your new subdomain.

  3. Users will not be notified by PagerDuty of the subdomain change. You will need to communicate the change to other members of your team so they know when and why the old subdomain will no longer be accessible.

  4. Although push notifications can still be received, the mobile app will not load and users will need to log out and log back in to the app. See instructions below.

  5. If you have Single Sign On enabled, you will need to adjust your IdP settings to reflect your new PagerDuty subdomain.
  6. There is a minimum 4 (four) characters for PagerDuty subdomains.

To prevent any interruption in your alerting, we would recommend planning to make the necessary changes above before changing your subdomain. Attached to this article is a guide with our recommended steps to take before and after your subdomain change. Also attached is a sample email communication template that can be shared with users prior and after the subdomain change.

When you are ready to change your subdomain, please contact our support team and a support agent can coordinate a date and time to change your subdomain for you. The change will be effective immediately.

Mobile Instructions

  • To log out:
    • Android: Navigate to the Accounts screen, tap the menu icon on the account, and tap Remove this account.
    • iOS: Navigate to the Accounts screen, tap Edit and tap the red delete icon next to the account.
  • If these steps don't work, you can reset the app in your device settings:
    • Android: Navigate to Settings > Applications > PagerDuty > Clear Cache
    • iOS: Navigate to Settings > PagerDuty > Reset toggle.
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