Troubleshooting Notifications Issues


Incident Escalation:

You may not receive notifications to all of your notification rules because an incident assigned to you has been escalated to another user per an escalation policy.

For example:

  1. Your notification rules are set to push notify you immediately, email you after 1 minute, and call you after 5 minutes.

  2. You are on level 1 of an escalation policy where incidents are escalated after 5 minutes.

  3. When an incident is triggered, you receive the push notification immediately, and one minute later the email notification. You do not receive a phone call.

  4. This is because the incident was escalated to the level 2 on-call user (Ryan) at the 5 minute mark. Since the incident was escalated to someone else it is no longer assigned to you at 5 minutes, so PagerDuty will not send you a phone call notification.

    In this case, you will want to change your notification rules to call you in <5 minutes OR change the escalation policy to escalate incidents after 6 or more minutes.


SMS troubleshooting: restriction on short code messaging

Depending on which country you're located in and which cellular provider you're using, there may be a variety of issues that can affect your ability to receive PagerDuty SMS notifications.

Some mobile carriers restrict messages from or to short codes. Typically, all PagerDuty SMS notifications are sent from the short code "PDUTY" (73889). If you aren't receiving PagerDuty notifications via SMS and your phone number meets any of the below conditions, you may need to contact your provider to verify that your account is allowed to receive SMS notifications from short codes.

      1. Pay-as-you-go number.

      2. Any number that was a pay-as-you-go and is now on a standard plan.

      3. Any number that is or was used by a business in the past.

Specific Provider Issues with Short Codes

      1. T-Mobile USA has a default content filter set. In order to remove the content filter set, you must specifically call T-Mobile and authorize PagerDuty's short code numbers (73889, 42752, and 43105).

      2. If you recently upgraded your device with T-Mobile, they may have put a block on the account from receiving messages from short codes.

SMS: India's DND registry

In India: Please make sure that your number is not in the national DND registry. The government provides a lookup utility you can use to determine if a number is listed.

If you confirm that there's no block in place with your carrier and your number is not listed on a DND registry, and you're still having trouble, please contact our support team.


Push notifications

If you are not receiving push notifications, see our push notification troubleshooting guide for general tips. Push notification issues can be OS-specific, so once you've read over the general troubleshooting guide, take a look at our Android and Apple guides.

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