Troubleshooting Email Management Rules


Email management is a powerful tool for giving responders an accurate state of your system, but it can sometimes be tricky.

Here are some solutions to frequently seen problems.

My trigger emails are not making it through

First, check your email filters. PagerDuty evaluates email filters before management rules in order to reduce noise and ensure all emails come from a verified sending address.

If you think the filters might be dropping email, try resetting them to "Accept all incoming email" and then try again. Keep in mind that changes to your email filters will not be applied to events that came in before the changes were made.

If you are using filters, double-check your regular expressions to ensure that you are actually letting your desired emails through.

If you're still not seeing emails you expect, scroll to the bottom of your email management rules, and make sure "Create a generic incident" is selected. This is the default setting for handling emails that don't match your rules, but if another user changed it, any unmatched emails will be discarded.

My resolve emails are not resolving incidents

To successfully resolve an incident, you need three things:

  1. A rule that tells PagerDuty when an email should be considered a trigger notice

  2. A rule that tells PagerDuty when an email should be considered a resolve notice

  3. A shared incident key between the two emails

Verify that you have the correct rules set. PagerDuty will display the extracted incident key on the incident page, so you can verify it is the same between your trigger and resolve emails.

Specific reasons a resolve email might not be successfully resolving:

  1. You are extracting an incident key with a regular expression, and it is not extracting the key correctly.

  2. The email body was poorly encoded in some way (for example, if it was UTF-8 encoded, but contained the byte \xFF).

  3. There is a trailing space in either your trigger or resolve rules, but not in both. This means that one email has an incident key with an additional space, and therefore will not match.

I'm getting the following error: "Email handler email action rules value extractors matcher must have at least one capture group"

This error message means that you need to specify a capture group in your regular expression. Oftentimes, this can be resolved by enclosing your regular expression in parentheses.

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