API Based Tools


A number of our users have built tools on top of PagerDuty:


Name Type Description API Version
pd-trigger Alerting A lightweight, portable, and robust PagerDuty trigger utility. Events
PagerDuty Chrome Notifier Alerting A Google Chrome extension to show PagerDuty notifications using Chrome's notification API. v1
Klaxon Alerting An Android app that intercepts incoming SMS messages and alerts v1
chrome-pagerduty Alerting A chrome plugin that wraps the pagerduty mobile site, and supports notifications. v1
tootles Alerting A PagerDuty incident webhook consumer that prints incoming webhooks to STDOUT. Can also be used for Text-to-Speech alerts on Macs. v1
hubot-pager-me Chatbot PagerDuty can now participate in any chatroom that Hubot supports thanks to Github and contributors. v1
PagerBot Chatbot A custom chatbot for PagerDuty built by Stripe that's easy to self host on Heroku. v1
lita-pagerduty Chatbot A plugin for the Lita chatbot for checking who's on call, scheduling, ack, resolve, etc. Works with any chatroom supported by Lita v1
CanaryRelic Integration CanaryRelic is a Microsoft .NET Console Application that polls the New Relic API for one or more custom metrics you can configure and will dispatch an alert to PagerDuty when the 5-minute average of the given metric exceeds the alerting threshold you specify. v1
pd-nag-connector Integration A bi-directional integration package for Nagios and PagerDuty v1
pagerduty-graphite Integration A script to collect PagerDuty incident metrics and send them to Graphite. v1
hip-pager-bot Integration Create and customize a HipChat bot that interacts with PagerDuty. v1
puppet-pagerduty Integration A Puppet report handler for sending notifications of failed runs to PagerDuty. It includes sending all log data in the details section of the API call. Events
pd2pg Reporting pd2pg imports data from the PagerDuty API into a Postgres database for easy querying and analysis. v1
Support scripts Reporting Scripts collected by the PagerDuty support team, including:
  • Import Users from CSV
  • Download Alerts to CSV
  • Alert Volume/Pain for On-Call Users
  • Create Vacation Overrides
  • Get User Activity
Pigeonhole Reporting Pigeonhole takes data from PagerDuty and generates graphs based on this data over a configurable time period. v1
pagerduty-dashing Reporting A Dashing dashboard for PagerDuty Services v1
incidents.py Reporting Export descriptions and notes from PagerDuty into a CSV file. v1
opsweekly Reporting A weekly report tracker, an on call categorisation and reporting tool, a sleep tracker, a meeting organiser and a coffee maker all in one. v1
pdmaint Scheduling A Python command line utility for scheduling and managing maintenance windows v1
pagerdutyduty Scheduling A Python tool to import schedules from a YAML file v1


And here are some more fun things that people have built with our API:

Name Type Description API Version
Pager-Huety Expert lamp control A script to trigger Philip Hue lightbulbs based on triggered incidents from PagerDuty. v1
ON CALL HERO Game This doesn't use our API, but it is a photo-realistic on-call simulator. Source N/A
Raspberry Pi Traffic Light Expert lamp control A project to control a traffic light from a Raspberry Pi based on PagerDuty data. v1
samuel-l-incident Fun Trigger PagerDuty incidents that contain the wisdom of Samuel L. Jackson. And bacon. Great for generating dummy incidents. v1
SnapperDuty Fun Illegit Snapchat integration for PagerDuty v1
Roman Pillar Of Justice Fun Bombard coworkers with foam darts via PagerDuty or Slack. v1

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