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A number of our users have contributed open source libraries:

Name Language Description API Version
PDJS JavaScript Javascript library to access PagerDuty REST and event APIs, written in CoffeScript.


Pygerduty Python Dropbox Python Library for PagerDuty's v1 REST API.


PagerDuty::Connection Ruby Ruby API wrapper for the PagerDuty REST API v1
PagerDuty event gem Ruby A library for triggering and resolving incidents. Events
PagerDuty event package PHP A library for interacting with PagerDuty REST API v1
PagerDuty Events Client for Java Java Library to trigger, acknowledge and resolve PagerDuty incidents. Events
PagerDuty Incidents for Java Java Utility for programmatically triggering and resolving PagerDuty incidents. Events
PdClojureBindings Clojure Clojure Bindings for PagerDuty's API v1
go-pagerduty Go PagerDuty API client in Go. Tested on all Go versions 1.0 and higher. v1
Haskell PagerDuty API Client Haskell A PagerDuty API client written in Haskell v1  C#/.NET  A wrapper for the PagerDuty API  v1
PagerDuty API .NET Client  C#/.NET A client for the PagerDuty Event Integration API for .NET Events
PagerDutyBundle PHP Trigger PagerDuty events easily from your Symfony2 application. Events

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