Exporting Advanced Analytics Data to CSV


Users with Advanced Analytics available to their account can download a CSV file with more information to open up a number of powerful reporting options for your PagerDuty account. You can utilize the raw data as is, or use the generated CSV as a starting point to build your own custom reports.

Advanced Analytics is available on our current Standard and Enterprise plans, as well as the Enterprise (Legacy) plan. Please contact our sales team if you would like to upgrade to a plan featuring Advanced Analytics.

CSV Fields

With basic analytics, the exported CSV will include the following columns of information:

  • #
  • Service
  • Opened On
  • Resolved On
  • Resolve By
  • Duration
  • # Escalations

With advanced analytics, the exported CSV will include additional columns of information:

  • id
  • incident_number (# column in basic report)
  • description
  • service_id
  • service_name (Service column in basic report)
  • escalation_policy_id
  • escalation_policy_name
  • created_on
  • seconds_to_first_ack
  • seconds_to_resolve (Duration column in basic report)
  • auto_resolved
  • escalation_count
  • auto_escalation_count
  • acknowledge_count
  • assignment_count
  • acknowledged_by_user_ids
  • acknowledged_by_user_names
  • assigned_to_user_ids
  • assigned_to_user_names
  • resolved_by_user_id
  • resolved_by_user_name

Note: The escalation_count is the number of people the incident was escalated to.

Options to download the CSV

On the Analtyics page:

  • Go to System report, click any View Incidents link, and click Download CSV.
  • Go to Team report, click See All Incidents from [dates], and click Download CSV.
  • Go to Incidents report, and click any Download CSV link.

The CSV you download will be filtered based on the report selected before hitting the download link: Service or Escalation Policy for the System report, Escalation Policy for the Team Report, and Date Range for any report.

The CSV is currently limited to a maximum of 20,000 recordsAfter 20,000 rows, the export will be truncated, so if your CSV contains exactly 20,000 rows, you may have partial data. 

Template for pivot table creation

You can access a template that will provide different ways to use the Advanced Analytics CSV at the link below. The template is view only, but contains instructions to make a copy of the file, fill in data from your CSV, and use the pivot tables to see a full spectrum of what’s happening with your PagerDuty incidents.

You can access this template here. Please use the Instructions tab first to read the instructions and tips for use. You can also reference this article for more tips on using the template.

If you are not seeing all data in the pivot tables when using this template, check your report editor for applied filters. Under any of the Filter fields, click Show: _ Items and click either Select All or the fields you would like to see. 

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    To all following this article: We have updated the article with a template to use with the data from the Advanced Analytics CSV export.