Adding a PagerDuty schedule to Confluence


Adding PagerDuty schedules to Confluence gives Confluence users the ability to easily know when they will be on-call without having to login to multiple interfaces.

In Confluence

  1. Click Create in the top navigation menu.

  2. Select the Blank page option, and name the page.

  3. Once you name your page, click the + icon from the toolbar, and select Other macros from the dropdown menu.

  4. Using the search bar, start typing "calendars" and select the Team Calendars object, then click Subscribe by URL.

In PagerDuty

  1. Login to your PagerDuty account.

  2. Go to the Configuration menu and select Schedules.

  3. Navigate to the schedule you would like to export to Confluence, and click Export.

  4. Select WebCal feedEveryone.

  5. Copy the URL displayed in the pop-up window, excluding webcal before the first colon.

  6. Now, back in Confluence, type http and paste the URL into the URL field.

    Note: The name of your schedule in PagerDuty must have 28 characters or fewer. If you have 29 or more characters in your schedule's name, then you will get an error in Confluence. If you're schedule name has 29 or more characters, then you will get this error in Confluence: Specified calendar does not seem like iCalendar. Note that this refers to the schedule's name and not the webcal URL.

  7. You will see an incomplete calendar at first. Click Save in the bottom right corner of the page, and then your full calendar will be appear.

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