Snooze an Incident


Snooze allows users to keep an incident in an "acknowledged" state for the following intervals of time: 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours or Other. As an incident responder, this means I can snooze an incident while I troubleshoot the problem — or go back to bed and avoid being woken up again by an issue that can wait until later!

How do I snooze an incident?

You're only able to snooze acknowledged incidents. You can acknowledge an incident from either the web or mobile application. The following example outlines snoozing an incident in the web UI:

  1. Acknowledge the incident.


  2. Select Snooze and the length of time the incident should be snoozed.Snooze_menu.png

The incident log will capture all snooze actions taken on an incident. If Other is selected, you will have the option to select a custom snooze time, snooze until a time tomorrow, or base your snooze on support hours for that service.


Because he did not resolve the incident within the specified snooze timeframe, the incident returned to a triggered state and started notifying him again, following his notification rules. In the below example you can see that when the snooze timed out, the incident returned to a triggered state and re-notified the user. 

What happens if I reassign a snoozed incident?

Reassigning a "snoozed" incident will cancel the snooze timer. The timeout setting will reset to the default timeout setting which is configured within the service from which the incident originated. 

What happens if another user acknowledges the incident after I snooze the incident? 

If another user acknowledges the incident we will un-snooze the incident, and the un-acknowledgement timer will start again.

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