Account Administration: Migrating accounts


If you are interested in migrating or consolidating multiple PagerDuty accounts into one, then PagerDuty can help migrate users, schedules, escalation policies, services, and teams (for Standard and Enterprise plans) across accounts for you. Please contact your PagerDuty Account Manager so that they can help coordinate this effort.

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To prepare for an account migration, we recommend reviewing the below documents to understand our recommended action items (before and after your account migration) and to understand how end-users will be impacted by the process. If you do not need assistance from PagerDuty with migrating your account, we would still recommend reviewing the below material.

NOTE: REST API URL endpoints will not need to be changed if using a v2 API Access Key, since v2 API Access Keys are not dependent on the subdomain of an account.

Migrating Basic Plan Accounts

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