Replies and Email Forwards are Triggering a New Incident


By default, PagerDuty email integrations accept any messages from any sender, including messages addressed to multiple recipients. When someone replies to all recipients on an email with recipients that include the email integration address, an email will be sent to the email integration address. This results in a new incident being opened in addition to the original incident from the initial send. 

If you want to forward emails to your email integration address, and have additional forwards de-duplicate to your open incident, you can use email management rules to prevent replies from triggering extraneous incidents.

Note: this regular expression is case insensitive, so any version of RE: or FWD: will de-duplicate the email trigger to the open incident.

To set up the email management rule:

  1. Go to your email integration and click Edit

  2. Under Email Management, select the option Create and resolve incidents based on custom rules

  3. Create a rule:

    1. Trigger an incident if Any of the following conditions apply:

    2. The email subject matches the regular expression

    3. For the subject regular expression use: .*

    4. For the incident key, have the rule state: In the email subject, match this regular expression:

    5. For the incident key regular expression use: (?:(?i)re: |fwd: )?(.*)

  4. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

Replies and forwards will now be appended to the existing incident as additional triggers.

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