Restore a schedule to a previous version


If you or another user alters a schedule, you can quickly revert a schedule back to a previously saved version as well as see when each saved change was made.

To Revert a Schedule:

  1. Click on ConfigurationSchedules.

  2. Click on the name of the schedule that you wish to revert to open its details.

  3. On the right hand side of the page, click on Revert this Schedule to view the recent changes made to that schedule.

  4. Once you select one of the options from the dropdown, you will be brought to the Edit Schedule page for that version of the schedule. From here you may make additional edits, or simply click on Revert Schedule in the upper right corner of the page.


  • Currently only changes made to the schedule layers are saved and can be reverted. Overrides will not be affected if you revert a schedule.

  • For now the user's name making each change is omitted. However, this is something being considered for a later release.

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