Create a Vendor Specific Service with the API


The easiest way to create a service and integration is in the PagerDuty web UI, however, you can create a service with a vendor-specific integration via the API.

You’ll need to know the vendor_id. Although we haven’t documented the vendor API, it follows the same pattern as our other APIs. Here's an example using PDJS to look up vendor_id:

Note: You will need a v1 API key to use this JSFiddle.

Here is a list of common vendor_ids: 

Name ID
AWS Cloudwatch PZQ6AUS
Nagios P5ZAJ2D
ServiceNow PRC098W
Zabbix PJOGQ4Q

After finding the right vendor_id, you'll need to POST the new service to the services endpoint with type: "integration", vendor_id: "PQFCJER"


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