Install an Add-on using the V2 API


The V2 API allows you to easily create "Add-on" pages and features to your account. There are a number of pre-built features that we have created available here, but you can also host any other page you would like in our Add-ons menu.

For more information on Add-ons, check out our Add-on article. 

For more information on where to access all of your add-ons after creating them, take a look at our Extensions article. 


Installing Add-Ons Via REST API GUI:

  1. From the V2 Developer Documentation page, select API Reference from the top menu.

  2. Click Add-ons from the left side bar, and select the Install an add-on option.

  3. Click on the Request Sample on the right hand side to populate the Parameters field. Edit the Parameters as desired, and replace the API Token field on the left with a V2 API Access Key from your PagerDuty account. (For more information on how to generate a new API Key see our article here.)

  4. Once the appropriate parameters and API Key have been added, click Try under the Parameters section to install the Add-on to your PagerDuty account. 

  5. Go back to your PagerDuty account and refresh your page. Then under the Add-ons menu, you will see your newly-installed Add-on.

Installing Add-Ons Via REST API Request:

  1. Create a payload for your request with the necessary add-on parameters:
      "addon": {
        "type": "full_page_addon",
        "name": "Internal Status Page",
        "src": ""
  2. Run the curl command below, being sure to update the API_KEY and PAYLOAD to match a v2 API key from your account and the payload you created in step 1, respectively:
    curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Accept: application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=2' -H 'Authorization: Token token=API_KEY' -d 'PAYLOAD' -X POST \


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