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This feature is available to customers on our current Standard and Enterprise plans. Please contact our sales team if you would like to upgrade to a plan featuring Response Mobilizer.

Adding responders to an incident allows a user that is assigned to an incident to get help from other users in your account. You can also create new incidents and add responders as you are creating the incident.

This article covers:

Adding Responders to an Incident

In the example incident below, the on-call user is assigned, and needs a colleague to take a look at the incident as well in order to solve the underlying issue. Note that you must acknowledge the incident before you can use the Add Responder feature.

To add a user to an incident, click Add Responder located on the incident response options on the right hand side of the page.

From the dialog that appears, select users and/or escalation policies. When selecting an escalation policy you will have the option to add the user listed in the first level of that policy. If you choose an escalation policy as one of your responders, the notifications will escalate to the next level of the escalation policy if the first level does not respond.

Note: There is a limit of adding a total of 300 users as a responder to an incident at a time. If you wish to add more than 300, you will need to submit additional responder requests.

By default, the responders you choose will receive a message that reads Please help with "{incident title}", however, you can remove this message entirely or add additional context to the message, as shown below. Click Add Responders to send your request to the responders you selected.

The user(s) whose help you have requested will receive a PagerDuty notification with your name and the incident number. From phone or SMS notifications, responders can choose to Accept or Decline the request by pressing the key prompts provided. By default, the response prompts are 2 to join, 3 to decline, but note that for several requests close together these may change to 22/23, 32/33, or other numbers in the same pattern.

Responders can add a message to the responder request, and also choose to join or decline from the PagerDuty web or mobile app by choosing the Accept or Decline buttons on the Incidents page, or by navigating to the incident itself and choosing the Accept or Decline button.

On the incidents page, responders will see a list of incidents that they have recently joined or declined, as long as the incidents remain open.

The incident will display a list of responders and icons to indicate whether they have joined, declined, or have yet to respond to your request. The incident log will also list when responders were added and when they joined or declined the incident.

Manually Trigger a New Incident and Add Responders

When you are triggering a new incident, and you know you will need additional help, you can add responders while triggering the incident.

  1. Go to the Incidents page and click Create New Incident.

  2. In the Create New Incident dialog:

    1. Select the Service you wish to trigger the incident on.

    2. Enter in a Summary.

    3. Click in the Responders to Notify field, and select the users/escalation policies you wish to add as a responder.

    4. In the Details field, enter in any additional details for your incident.

    5. Click Create Incident.

If you have any questions on how to use this feature, or feedback to share, let us know!

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