Operations Command Console


In order to effectively ensure the continued health of your infrastructure and overall business you need information at the incident, service, responder, and infrastructure contexts at all times. PagerDuty's Operations Command Console is a customizable framework that provides complete operational awareness of the critical elements of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to gain enhanced insights that accelerate incident response.

Accessing the Console

If the Operations Command Console is available to your account all users will see and have access to the Command Console option in the main menu.

Please contact our sales team if you do not see Command Console in the main menu and would like to see a demo or start a trial of the Operations Command Console.


The following applications are available in the Operations Command Console:

Infrastructure Health

Infrastructure Health is a core component of the Operations Command Console. This application provides a comprehensive visualization of the clusters of alerts and events occurring across your IT infrastructure and delivers infrastructure-wide context that is vital for improving incident management within your organization. With a comprehensive timeline of events, IT teams are able to view their alert clusters across services or tech stacks in a graphical and easy to understand interface that is ideal for pattern matching. With all the data in one place, organizations can finally gain an understanding of their ever expanding infrastructure and begin to measure performance across their critical apps and services. Learn more about the Infrastructure Health Application…


Service Health

Service Health displays an up-to-the-minute status of your PagerDuty service's health status. It also gives you the ability to Focus on any of those services that may be affecting multiple other services and causing Major Incidents to occur. This is a foundational application for the Console and one that anchors several other console configurations.


Major Incidents

Incidents designated as high urgency will appear in the Major Incidents application. You can Focus on specific incidents to see their relationship with your services, responders, and overall infrastructure.



Responders allows you to quickly identify which team and which escalation policy is covering, online and working to remediate open incidents.


Console Features

  • Focus

    Focusing on any of the entries in a given application highlights related content in the other applications, providing a deep context around the item in focus. To focus on an incident, hover over the incident and click on the Focus option that appears for that incident.

  • Details View

    Select the details feature for more information on specific incident or services. To view details for an incident or service, hover over the item and click on the Details option that appears for that incident.

  • Search

    The Service Health and Major Incidents applications let you quickly filter out information of interest. Simply click the search icon (magnifying glass) to get started.

  • Customization

    You can adjust the layout of the console, as well as the applications you want to appear. Application layout can be changed by clicking the Console Settings (gear) button in the upper right hand corner of the page. A single application can also be expanded to encompass the entire screen by clicking the maximize button in the upper right hand corner of any application. Display customization is per-user, so go ahead and set things ups how you like without fear that your changes will impact anybody else on your team.

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