Document Key Takeaways

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Throughout an investigation, it’s expected for your themes to grow and change as you learn more and answer newly surfaced questions. The Takeaways tab is available in an opportunity's Report section; click into the field to begin editing. It provides a place to record the themes that surfaced throughout the investigation, distill them as you prepare for the learning review, and capture them in takeaways once they’ve been discussed in the meeting.

Opportunity takeaways

Opportunity takeaways

Think of themes as the topics of interest that surfaced throughout the investigation:

  • What surprised you?
  • What do you think others should know more about?
  • What qualities does this incident share with other incidents?
Edit takeaways

Edit takeaways

The Takeaways field supports Markdown; we like to use bullet points to separate each takeaway. The field also supports templates, which can help ensure that information is recorded in a standardized way that your organization has agreed upon.


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