IP Address Change

Security and high availability are at the forefront of PagerDuty’s operations. Our cloud infrastructure provider notified us that one of our outbound webhook proxies was scheduled for decommission. As a result, we needed to update the IP addresses used for delivering our outbound webhooks.

As of July 23, 2021, we stopped sending webhooks from In order to maintain our load balancers, we added a new IP address:



Please update your firewall to allow connections from in order to continue to receive webhooks.

PagerDuty supports safelisting IP addresses, however, we do want to highlight that this method of ensuring webhook delivery security is no longer best practice. Over the last year we have added TLS 1.2 and custom headers to our webhooks, which will ensure webhooks are delivered from PagerDuty. If you are migrating away from using IP safelisting and have questions about PagerDuty’s webhook deliverability, please contact our Support team.

If you must continue to use IP safelisting, please refer to our Webhook IPs developer documentation for the most current list of webhook IP addresses.


Safelist Updates

As of May 5th, 2022 : The /webhook_ips endpoint will no longer be updated. Instead, our Webhook IPs page should be used for all safelist updates.