Notification Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot issues with notifications


A variety of factors may affect your ability to receive notifications from PagerDuty. If you are not receiving notifications as expected, please check the following items first:

  • Was Do Not Disturb (DND) enabled on your phone at the time you were expecting the notification?
  • For push notifications, do you have any Focus profiles or work profiles enabled?
  • Were you in a location with poor cell service at the time?
  • Are there any missed calls from PagerDuty in your call logs or voicemail logs?
  • Do you have any settings enabled, which would block or silence notifications from unknown numbers?
  • Do you have any safety features which would disable notifications on your mobile device while driving?
  • Have you configured the PagerDuty app's permissions to allow notifications?
  • Have you downloaded PagerDuty’s vCard?
  • Does the issue occur after restarting your mobile device?

Confirm the Expected Behavior

There are some scenarios where you may expect to receive a notification, but the criteria for triggering a notification were not met. When this happens, it is expected behavior that you will not receive notifications. Please read Expected Notification Behavior for more information.

Next Steps

If the issue persists after verifying the items above, please refer to the following articles for more specific troubleshooting steps: