User Onboarding Report

View the status of invited users and their progress

The User Onboarding report displays all user metrics, allowing account administrators to closely manage licenses and onboard users.


Required User Permissions

Account Owners, Admins, and Managers can view the User Onboarding Report.

Insights: User Report

Insights: User Onboarding Report


Data Update Schedule

User Onboarding report data is updated once per day, and it may take up to 24 hours for new data to appear. The report has a date and timestamp in the upper-right of the page indicating when it was last updated.

View the User Onboarding Report

To view the User Onboarding report, navigate to Analytics User Onboarding.

Filter and Search

You have the option to filter with the following parameters:

  • Team: You can filter by selecting the My Teams tab, All Teams tab or enter a term in the search box to find your preferred Teams. Select the checkbox next to your preferred Team(s) and click Apply.
  • Invited Date Range: The date range will automatically default from the date of account creation to the current date. If you would like to change the date range, you may select from Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last Month, This Month, or Custom Range. If you select Custom Range, select the range on the calendar and click Apply.
    Note: For custom ranges, you can select a start date up to three years in the past. A maximum duration of one year is allowed.

Summary Metric Cards

Each card includes a comparison time period. For example, if your selected time period is the last week, the cards will show you the change in each metric compared to the week prior.

  • Invited versus Joined Utilization: Comparison between users who were invited to PagerDuty versus users who joined (accepted the invitation).
  • % of an Escalation Policy: Percentage of users included in at least one escalation policy.
  • % with Notifications Configured: Percentage of users with at least one notification method configured.
  • % on Mobile App: Percentage of users with PagerDuty’s mobile app installed.

User List

Below the summary metric cards you will see the User List data specific to the filters you have selected. You may perform the following actions with this table:

  • Search: Use the search field to search for a specific user.
  • Sort: Click on a column header to sort results. You can also sort with multiple columns by holding down the shift key while clicking on both of the columns. The graph above will not change if you sort the data.

To customize the columns you would like to view, click the Edit Columns button and select your preferred data. The available columns are:

Column NameDescription
User NameThe user’s name
EmailThe email address associated with the user
Date InvitedThe date the user was invited to the PagerDuty account
Signed UpThe date the user signed up for the PagerDuty account
Notification MethodsDetails if the user has notification methods set up
Downloaded Mobile AppDetails if the user has installed the mobile app
On an Escalation PolicyDetails if the user is on an escalation policy
On a ScheduleDetails if the user is on a schedule
RoleThe user’s role

By default, the User List displays 10 results at a time. Use the dropdown below the table to select from 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 results per page. If there are more results than the selected dropdown value, you can use the arrows (i.e., , , , ) to navigate through the results.

Share the User Onboarding Report

Please read Share a Report for more information on sharing or exporting the report.