Nobl9 Integration | Jeli

Jeli Part of PagerDuty

Automatically open a Jeli incident when a Nobl9 SLO alerts so that you can quickly respond and resolve the issue.

  1. In Nobl9, navigate to Integrations Alert Methods and click Add Alert Method.
  2. Select the Webhook alert method.
  1. Configure the webhook:
    1. ​URL:
    2. ​Project: Select or create a new project.
    3. Name: open-jeli-incident
    4. Custom Headers: Add a new custom header
      1. Key: Authorization
      2. Value: Bearer
        1. Jeli API keys can be generated in the Jeli web app and you may see our docs for more information.
    5. Notification Details: Select Custom and use the below payload an example to configure your Jeli API call:
    6. {
        "incident_name": "Your SLO needs attention!",
        "incident_stage": "Investigating",
        "start_zoom": true,
        "start_google_meet": false,
        "email_of_incident_opener": "[email protected]",
        "slack_team_id": "T01NUHLDWC9",
        "broadcast_channels": [
        "severity_slack_command": "0",
        "summary": "TBD"
  2. You can now use open-jeli-incident as an alert method to automatically create a new Jeli incident when an SLO alerts.

    Please see Nobl9's documentation on Alerting for more information on how to use this alert method.