Zoom Integration | Jeli

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The Jeli integration for Zoom makes managing and analyzing incidents effortless. You can create Zoom meetings when managing incidents with Jeli in Slack, and automatically import Zoom data into Jeli for analysis.


Create an Internal Service Account

We recommend creating an internal service account when setting up your Zoom integration. If an individual user sets up the Zoom integration and then leaves your company, the Zoom integration will no longer work. If you’re not sure how to request or set up a service account, reach out to your internal IT team.

Add the Zoom | Jeli Integration


Required User Permissions

  1. In Jeli, navigate to Settings Integrations Zoom.
  2. Click Connect an account.
  3. Connecting an account will redirect you to Zoom. Click Allow to give the Jeli app permission.

Use the Zoom | Jeli Integration

With the Jeli Zoom integration configured within your account, you will get Zoom data automatically imported into Jeli for analysis.

Zoom links within the incident transcript are expandable to provide additional meeting metadata (start time, end time, participants) when analyzing an incident.

This integration is an account-level Zoom app, meaning that Jeli can automatically import data for all Zoom links found in the chat belonging to your Zoom account.

You can also see who participated in the call by clicking on the number in the participants column. For the above example, our call had two participants. After clicking on the number, here's what you'll see:

Additionally, you will now have the option to start a Zoom bridge automatically, when opening an incident using the Jeli Slack app.

Remove the Zoom | Jeli Integration

  1. Log in to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage Added Apps or search for the Jeli app.
  3. Click the Jeli app.
  4. Click Remove.


It's possible that you could receive the error, “We were unable to import this meeting’s information from Zoom,” when hovering over links in Jeli, after enabling the integration:

There are a few reasons why you may be receiving this message:

  • The Zoom meeting at this link was never started, or had only one participant.
  • The account that was used to configure your Zoom integration does not have permission to this meeting.
  • The Zoom meeting could not be found.
  • You have a free account. Fetching Zoom meeting participants is only available for paid Zoom accounts, check your account to verify.