Home Screen Status Dashboard

Status Dashboard on the Home Screen

Users can view the Status Dashboard in a widget on the mobile app's home screen. The widget display up to three impacted business services. Tap a business service's name to view more details. If there are more than three disrupted services, tap View [X] Disrupted Services to navigate to the Mobile Status Dashboard, where you can view the complete list of disrupted services.

View all disrupted business services

View all disrupted business services

When there is no disruption, the status dashboard widget displays the message All business services operational, with the option to view the Status Dashboard.

All business services operational

All business services operational


Configure Business Services

You'll need to configure business services before the Status Dashboard widget will display any information. If you have not set up business services yet, you'll a message Business Services are not configured.

Please read Business Services for more information about configuring business services.

Change the Default Status Dashboard

The home screen's Status Dashboard widget displays the Business Status Summary dashboard by default. You can change which dashboard the widget displays by selecting a different dashboard in the mobile app. Please read View Mobile Status Dashboard for more information.

Subscribe to a Business Service

Tap Subscribe next to a business service to receive a notification for future status updates.

Subscribe to an impacted business service

Subscribe to an impacted business service

Remove Status Dashboard from the Home Screen

You can remove the Business Service Summary from the home screen in the app's settings:

  1. In the mobile app, navigate to More .
  2. In the section Home Screen, disable the toggle Show Status Dashboard.