Opportunity Stages

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You can use Opportunity Stages to easily track the hygiene of your incident review process.

There are five Opportunity Stages:

  1. Unassigned: You have created a Jeli opportunity, but you have not assigned an investigator. This can indicate that no one is working on the incident review.
  2. Assigned: You have assigned an investigator to an opportunity, showing who is accountable for completion. This stage will be automatically recognized once an investigator is assigned.
  3. In Progress: The investigator has started working on the opportunity. This stage will be automatically recognized if the investigator has added a marker in the Narrative Builder.
  4. In Review : The investigator is seeking feedback on the opportunity from peers that participated in the incident.
  5. Completed: Incident responders have reviewed the opportunity and are no longer working on it.

If you were a customer before this feature existed, all of your opportunities will be backfilled with either an Assigned or Unassigned stage.

Graphic displaying a list of Jeli incidents

List of opportunities

Opportunity Stages Timeline

The Opportunity Stages timeline provides an at-a-glance view on the status of each Jeli opportunity. The timeline is displayed at the top of each opportunity page, highlighting the currently active stage. This can be particularly helpful for executives who want to quickly assess an opportunity's progress.

Opportunity page displaying the Opportunity Stage timeline at the "In Progress" stage

Opportunity Stages timeline

Manually Move Opportunity Stages

To manually move Opportunity Stages, click the opportunity, and select from the upper right drop-down menu to change stages.

Graphic displaying a list of selectable opportunity stages

Move an opportunity's stage

Sort by Stages Across Opportunities

To track your opportunities by the stage of completion, you can use the filter mechanism on your homepage. This will allow you to easily see which opportunities may need additional attention or resourcing.

Sort by stage

Sort by stage


Can I customize Opportunity Stages?


No, Opportunity Stages are not customizable.

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