PagerDuty Visibility

PagerDuty Visibility provides technical responders, business responders and leaders a live, shared view of system health and incident impact to improve real-time decision making when operational issues affect customers. The key features of PagerDuty Visibility are Business Services and the Visibility Console in the PagerDuty web app.



PagerDuty Visibility is included in our Event Intelligence add-on or as part of the Business and Digital Operations plans. Please contact our Sales team if you would like to upgrade to a plan with this feature suite.

PagerDuty Visibility graphic

Visibility Console

Designed for situational awareness in a technical context, the Visibility Console is a customizable framework that provides complete operational awareness of the critical elements of your IT infrastructure. This allows you to gain enhanced insights to accelerate incident response.

Use PagerDuty Visibility

To set up PagerDuty Visibility, first configure business services. While it is possible to configure multiple levels of business service dependencies (i.e., a business service with a dependency on another business service), only top-level business services will appear in the Visibility Console.

A business service will appear as disrupted on the dashboard when there is an open incident on any supporting technical service and the incident has a priority assigned. Incidents that do not have an assigned priority will not appear on the Visibility dashboard, so that it does not become cluttered with operational noise. Business services that appear as disrupted will include the priority of the highest-priority unresolved incident on its supporting technical services. When there are no incidents with priority open on any of the supporting technical services, then the business service will show as operational on the Visibility dashboard.

The technical services that support each business service can also be seen on the Visibility dashboard in the details for that business service. If the business service is disrupted, the list of technical services will also indicate which of them are causing the disruption.