Event Analytics

View historical accepted events to monitor event volume and consumption

The Event Analytics report allows you to view historical accepted events in order to identify past trends in volume. This information can help pinpoint times of peak load, or troubleshoot greater-than-expected volumes.

For consumption-based billing accounts, this is the “billable accepted events” under your pricing plan. This data can help you anticipate yearly event volumes and monitor your event consumption relative to your yearly budget.



The Event Analytics report is available to all account plans and users.

View the Event Analytics Report


Data Availability

Available data begins in February 2023.

  1. Navigate to Analytics Event Analytics.
  2. The top two cards will display the subdomain’s total events in the previous month, and the events-to-date in the current month.
  3. You may use the following filters to change the data visualization:
    1. Aggregate: Select from a Daily or Monthly view.
    2. Date Range: Select from Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last Month, This Month or Custom Range.
      1. If you select Custom Range, select your preferred date range from the calendar and click Apply.
Event Analytics report

Event Analytics report

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