PagerDuty Modern Incident Response

PagerDuty Modern Incident Response is a suite of capabilities that drive fast and effective resolution for critical incidents, protecting revenue and improving customer experiences. Business-impacting incidents need to get the right responders quickly, provide context for stakeholders and can benefit most from post-resolution learning that prevents future occurrences. PagerDuty Modern Incident Response brings the major incident best practices from PagerDuty’s incident response guide to your organization with end-to-end response automation, seamless incident response integration with ITSM toolchains, and friction-free postmortems.



PagerDuty Modern Incident Response is a suite of features included in our Business and Digital Operations plans. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade your account to include PagerDuty Modern Incident Response capabilities.

Product Capabilities

PagerDuty Modern Incident Response includes capabilities essential for every stage of the response process for critical incidents:

Response Plays

Response plays design the right response automation for any impact level—mobilize responders, engage stakeholders with status updates, and set up conference bridge collaboration. Response plays can be run with a single tap from the PagerDuty mobile app, within the PagerDuty web app, or even run automatically for new incidents on mission-critical services.

Stakeholder Communication

Stakeholder communications allow you to engage the entire business—IT management, support, executives, marketing, sales, legal, and more. Inform stakeholders with real-time status updates, enabling rapid organization-wide response without interrupting technical responders.

Status Dashboard: Subscriptions and Multiple Dashboard Views

The status dashboard is a feature of the core PagerDuty platform that provides technical responders, business responders, and leaders a live, shared view of system health to improve awareness of operational issues. With Modern Incident Response, stakeholders using the status dashboard will also have the ability to subscribe to business services and use multiple dashboard views.

One Touch to Join Conference Bridge

The One Touch To Join Conference Bridge feature enables rapid response team assembly by giving responders a push-button means of joining a conference bridge. One Touch to Join relies on two core PagerDuty platform features: Conference Bridge and Add Responders. When responders are added to an incident and receive a voice call, they will receive the option to “Join the bridge” which will immediately add them to the conference call.

Bi-directional ITSM Integration

With bi-directional ITSM integration you can integrate with any ITSM or ticketing solution (JIRA, ServiceNow, BMC, etc.) to seamlessly incorporate PagerDuty response capabilities into your existing incident management process.


Postmortems provide a streamlined learning process for your organization to improve at resolving and preventing incidents. Simply point and click to build the timeline in minutes, allowing you to invest more time in understanding root cause and determining the most important follow-up actions.

Related Features

The following features are designed to work well with the PagerDuty Modern Incident Response product.

Mobilizing a Response

Easily engage multiple responders for a coordinated team response to accelerate critical incident resolution. Leverage existing rotation schedules in PagerDuty to bring in team on-calls and subject matter experts.

Priority-based Triage

Easily classify PagerDuty incidents with custom-defined priority levels that align with your organization’s priority scheme: P1 through P5, SEV1 through SEV5, etc.

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PagerDuty Modern Incident Response

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