Add Notes to Event Data and Notes Section

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Add a Note Directly in Event Data

In the Event Data view you can add a note to any message by clicking the three dot menu () associated with the message and then clicking Add note.

Type your note, then click Create Note to save it.

Add a note to event data

Add a note to event data

Add a Note Under the “Notes” Section Under your Opportunity

Select Notes in an opportunity's left menu panel to see a list of notes created in Event Data. You can write freeform notes here as well. Enter a search term to find a specific note.

  1. Select Notes in the left-hand menu panel.
  2. Click Create a Note near the search bar in the middle of the screen.
  3. Write your freeform note and click Create Note to save it.
Write a freeform note

Write a freeform note

Share the Notes Link with Specific People

You can share the link to the Notes page in an Opportunity with others on your team that you'd like to interview, so they know what questions you have for them ahead of time. You can also share this link with folks who were involved in the incident that you might call on for context during the learning review.

  1. Type in their name into the Search box.
  2. This will pull up all the Notes where their name appears
  3. Share the direct link with them so they can prepare for the incident review ahead of time.
Share a note's URL

Share a note's URL