Customize Postmortem Report Template

Why should I customize my Report Template

The purpose of the postmortem process is to learn how to improve both system resiliency and the response process. As you learn new insights, you could customize your report and add or remove sections that apply to your team's specific use case.

Customize your Postmortem Template

You can customize your Postmortem Template to add or remove sections that apply to your specific use case. From the Settings tab (found in the Analytics > Postmortems menu of the PagerDuty web app), you can customize and edit your Postmortem Report Template..

Add New Postmortem Template Section

You can add a new Report Template Section within the Settings tab by clicking on the Add Section button. You can now edit the Title and Description of your new section.

Reset Postmortem Template

You can also Reset your Postmortem template to the default sections if needed. To Revert to the original default sections, click on the Reset Template button at the top of your Report Template. You will be prompted in a pop-up menu to Reset Template or Cancel.

Resetting Templates

Resetting your Report Template to defaults will only affect future Postmortem Reports. This change will not affect existing Postmortem Reports.

Customize Postmortem Report Template