Event Tags

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Event tags simplify organizing and categorizing events, making it easier to find specific incident activities. Add event tags to relevant events to draw attention to interesting or important messages. Some common tags are:

  • First Alert: the first signal that there was a problem.
  • Experts Recruited: each time the team brought in additional experts.
  • Customer Impact Confirmed: each time the team confirmed customer impact.
  • Escalated as an Incident: when it was clear this was an incident.
  • Mitigation Started: when the team started troubleshooting or fixing the issue.
  • Status Update: each important status update.
  • Remediation Action: each attempt to resolve the issue.
  • Mitigation Ended: the end of troubleshooting/fixing.

Add Event Tags

  1. In the Jeli web app, select your desired opportunity.
  2. To the right of your desired event, click to open the tags menu.
  3. Select one or more tags.
Add an event tag

Add an event tag

The following is an example of a tagged event:

vent tagged "Hypothesis - Proved"

Event tagged "Hypothesis - Proved"