Generating API Keys

There are two APIs that you can generate API keys for:

  • The REST API provides a way for third parties to connect to a PagerDuty account and access or manipulate configuration data on that account.
  • The Events API v2 allows you to add PagerDuty's advanced event and incident management functionality to any system that can make an outbound HTTP connection.

For more information on the differences between the APIs, check out our article on the differences between our REST and Events APIs.


There are two types of REST API keys, general access and user tokens, both of which are 20-character strings. REST API keys cannot be used with the Events APIs, they can only be used for the REST API. For more information about authenticating using an API key, please consult our developer documentation.



The REST API is available to all customers on current pricing plans. It is not available to some customers on legacy pricing plans.

Generating a General Access REST API Key


Required User Permissions

You must have an Admin, Global Admin or Account Owner role within PagerDuty to access General Access REST API keys.

  1. Go to Integrations API Access Keys and click Create New API Key.
  2. Enter a Description that will help you identify the key later on. If you would like it to be read-only, check the Read-only option.
  3. Click Create Key.
  4. A unique API key will be generated. Copy it to a safe place, as you will not have access to copy this key again. Once it has been copied, click Close. If you lose a key you will need to delete it and create a new one.

Once created, you will see your key appear in the list of keys on the API Access page, with versioning noted.

Generating a Personal REST API Key

If your account has Advanced Permissions enabled, users can create personal REST API keys on the User Settings tab of their user profile. Requests made using personal REST API keys will be restricted to the user's permissions, and if a client attempts to use the key for an operation that the user in question is not permitted to perform, the API will respond with status 403 Forbidden.

Events API Keys

The Events APIs are available to all customers, and any user with a Manager role or above can generate an integration key. Both the Events API v1 and v2 use integration keys to determine which service an event should be routed to.

Integration keys are generated by creating a new service, or creating a new integration for an existing service in PagerDuty, and can be found on a service's Integrations tab:

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Generating API Keys

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