Incident Priority

Incident Priority

This feature is only available on current Standard and Enterprise accounts. If you are interested in getting on a pricing plan that includes this feature, please contact our Sales Team.

Incident priority allows the classification of incidents based on a level of prioritization. Just as alerts can have different levels of severity and notifications can have different levels of urgency, incidents can be classified into different levels of priority. Priority labels can be customized on a per account basis so you can match to your existing priority scheme that may be in use in other tools.

Enabling Incident Priority

Incident priority can be enabled for an entire account by any admin user. Once enabled, the UI of your incident dashboard will change to now include the Priority column.

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Configuration → Incident Priorities.
  2. Click Enable Incident Priority Levels.
  3. You have the option to customize your priority labels and levels. You can classify incidents with up to 5 different priority levels.

When you return to the Incidents page, you will see that the dashboard now contains a column for Priority. The priority is also displayed in an incident's details in both the web UI and mobile app. By default, past incidents will not have a priority, but you can append a priority to a past incident from the incident details page.

Prioritizing an Incident

Incident priority can be set at the time of creation, or after the incident has been triggered.

To set priority at incident creation:

  1. Navigate to the Incidents page and click New Incident.
  2. Select the priority level that you would like from the dropdown:
  1. After completing your other incident details, click Create Incident.

If you would like to add priority to incidents triggered from a monitoring tool, or using the Events or REST API, you can retrieve the list of priorities for your account using our REST API. You can then include the appropriate priority code when posting the incident.

To edit an incident's priority after it has been triggered:

  1. Find the incident that you would like to prioritize. Click the name of it to open the incident's details.
  2. Click Edit next to the incident's priority and select the priority level from the dropdown.

Incident Priority