Mobile Home Screen

The mobile Home screen highlights top open incidents, and displays on-call shift and service information, which broadens awareness and streamlines navigation to other important, non-incident information.

You can navigate to the Home screen in the mobile app by tapping Home:

My Open Incidents

The My Open Incidents section displays incidents that are assigned to you, indicates the total number in the top-right, and provides an overview of your three most-recent, open incidents. Tap an incident’s row to navigate to its details page, where you can find more information about the incident, and acknowledge or resolve it.

If you have more than three incidents, tap Show More to expand the list. The expanded list will display up to 10 incidents, and you can tap View All Open Incidents to view all open incidents on the Open Incidents screen.

Note: The Open Incidents screen will remember which tab filter you most recently selected (Mine, My Teams or All), which reduces the number of taps needed to display relevant incidents.

My Open Incidents

My Open Incidents

On-Call Shifts

This section details up to three of your current on-call shifts. Tap to the right of a shift to view more options, for example: Go To Schedule, Go To Escalation Policy, Create an Override…, Go To My On-Call Shifts.

On-call shifts

On-call shifts

Tap View All Shifts to go to the My On-Call Shifts screen for a detailed overview of all your on-call responsibilities.

Recently Impacted Technical Service

This section displays the most recently impacted technical service associated with your Teams. If your account does not have the Teams feature, it will display the most recently impacted technical service in your PagerDuty account.

For an overview of all services in your PagerDuty account, tap View Services to go to the Service Directory.